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Every natural element is key to the miracle of existence.

As much as we need the sun we also need protection from it. And at Nolands we are all about protecting, not only you but the planet we live in.

We only manufacture our frames using natural acetates and recycled materials of the finest quality.

Every natural element is also key to the miracle of Nolands existence.

Our lenses, every metallic and textile part and even its packaging, have complied with all sustainable certificates and guarantees for you to enjoy them greenly and safely.


At Nolands we are proud to use the latest, most innovative and state of the art technologies regarding polarized lenses.

Our Pure Mineral Lenses —named after the Rare Earth Elements of the periodic table— are devoted to the care and protection of your eyes, allowing you to experience the world in full bloom with full confidence.


All of our sunglasses are designed with love and care in Barcelona and handcrafted in Italy.

Every single pair of our shades has been through up to 50 manual processes to attain its final shape.

Nolands sunglasses are handmade by expert artisans, and all of our accessories, packaging included, are sustainably produced in Europe.